Vow! "New Cinema Reloaded" on Korean Indie

I'm looking forward to an exciting event in Tokyo on this weekend.
It's sounds very interesting!

Korean Independent Cinema 2005 -New Cinema Reloaded-
[http://www.imageforum.co.jp/kankoku/indi2005/](in English/Ja/Kr)

Venue: Theatre Image Forum, Shibuya
Dates: March 5th(Sat.)-March 11th(Fri.), 2005

Panel Discussion will be held on March 6th

This is the second edition which follows last year's first edition at same venue and again Tony RAYNS's progamme.
There are four feature films, two collaboration projects, and three short films.
Screenings will have both of Japanese and English subtitles.

feature films

collaboration projects
"Twentidentity" collaboration of 20 graduates of The Korean Academy of Film Arts, including Bong Joon-Ho, Hur Jin-Ho

more detail

I suppose these are newest Korean cinema that should be paid attention.
There are talented filmmakers.

So I don't need star actors anymore.

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"L'amant" french touch of Ryuichi Hiroki

I went to late show screening at Shibuya Cine Amuse last week, and saw "L'amant" directed by Ryuichi Hiroki.
It describe unordinarily relationship of three men and a seventeen years old girl who is their mistress.

"L'amant" official site (in Japanese)


This film was showed at2004 Vancouver film festivai

I think that this film is difference from his previous "Vibrator".
I can neither say "L'amant" is good or is not good.
However there are something interesting.

It's superficially less emotional with beautiful visual.
As you guess they are not talkative.
It seem they are in the mood of sadness, or straying into the game between innocence and grown-up.
This film based on comic for girls (so-called SHOJO MANGA) by Naito Yamada.
She has been influenced by French films, maybe.
Also director was trying to create atmosphere look like French films.

Perhaps "Vibrator" is better to understand as a portrait of female,
but I feel this has attraction including complicated delicate feelings, though sometimes too mysterious.

It's as mysterious as real seventeen years old girl.
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He has gone, leaving Devilman

Hiroyuki Nasu (director) has gone on 27 February, because of liver cancer. (aged 53)

the news of his death in Sports Nippon (in Japanese)

This article tells,
He felt ill on January this year, and then it was proved liver cancer by medical examination.
He did energetic promotion for "Devilman" on October 2004. So his sudden death shocked all the parties concerned.

His last film is "Devilman"(2004) based on lagendary comic by Go NAGAI.
Scriptwriter of this film is Machiko Nasu who is his wife.

Japanese official HP[http://www.devilmanthemovie.jp/]
including Trailer (click MAIN MENU button >> click TRAILER button)

DVD info[http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=DSTD-2412]

However "Devilman" didn't succeed in Japanese, at both of box office and estimate. critic and audience criticized filmmaker, "we don't like such Devilman. This is not our Devilman".
Nasu also known by "BE-BOP HIGHSCHOOL" serise.
He had made a lot of genre-films.

I'm sorry for Nasu. He is too young to die.
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Korean Mermaid won Yubari

Yubari Fantastic Film Festival has finished. (date: 24/Feb.-28/Feb.)

Winner of the Young Fantastic Competition is MY MOTHER, THE MERMAID (directed by Pak Heung-SHIK).
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The 29th Hong Kong Festival unveils

The 29th Hong Kong Film Festival unveils program at official site.

date: 22 March -6 April (earlir than last year)

I think that there are very few premire showing.
The Opening films are "Peecock","The Hidden Blade"which were showed the Berlinale Competition.
The Opening Night Gala is "House of Fury" from Hong Kong directed Stephen Fung starring Anthony Wong and Twins.
The Closing film are "The World" by Jia Zhangke and "Words in Blue" by Alain Corneau.

Tezuka Osamu Experimental Animations will be showed at The Great Opendoor Film Shows.
He was a pioneer of Japanese MANGA and Animation.

About side bar sections
I sometimes prefer retrospective to new programs.

*Actor in Focus: Andy Lau
I know he is gorgeous, at the same time supports young independent filmmakers.

*Being Michael Snow
Great experimental from Canada

*A Tribute to KINOSHITA Keisuke (Japan, Shochiku)
comedy full of human warmth. actress Hideko TAKAMINE played heroine as well as Mikio Naruse films.

*Sun Yu :Poet of Cinema (China, Shanghai I guess)
from 30's to 60's I'm very interested in.

*Pearl River Delta (Hong Kong)
Including early sights footages, the area of river delta in Hong Kong portrays in films from past to now. (mainly feature films, 40's-50's classics and after 80's )

I wish I could go to Hong Kong.
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Good bye MIAO Tien!

I heard another sad news of great film star's death.

MIAO Tien was dead, because of cancer, on 19 February 2005 in Taipei. (aged 80)

蔡明亮得獎當晩; 因苗叔去世聲涙倶下

This article tells,
TSI Ming-liang was weeping at the award ceremony night as he heard the news of MIAO Tien's death.

The phosthumous works are "The Missing" and "Good Bye! Dragon Inn" which I've seen.
These are very sad but beautiful.
I guess he must had known that was his final films. I feel him ghostly in these films.

Anyway he was wonderful not only TSI's silently films after 90's but also King HU's action films in the golden era of 60's and Han Hsiang Li's films at Show Brothers in 70's. He worked in both of Taiwan and Hong Kong untill 80's.

I'm verry sorry for him, the godfather of Asian cinema.

There are artcles with photo from Apple Daily Taiwan. (in Chinese)

苗天來不及聽蔡明亮感謝他 享年80 妻女陪伴 微笑病逝 21, Feb.

蔡明亮抱獎歸暫不探苗天 怕媒體打擾遺孀 22, Feb.

蔡明亮移苗天靈位返 苗家將包下戲院放映苗叔遺作23, Feb.

I'm very impressed on this article.
Tsai Ming-liang's father figure dies 22, Feb. (in English)
---Off-screen, Miao was affectionately called Papa Miao or Uncle Miao (苗叔) by Tsai, who considered him a father not only in his films, but also in real life.---

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Chasing the Sun

Lately Japanese filmgoer is buzzing on "The Sun" directed by Aleksandr Sokurov. He is well-known also in Japan by 14 films which has been released to cinemas including "Russian Ark ", in addition "Father and Son" was showed in TOKYO FILMeX 2003.

There is a lot of audience who want to watch "The Sun" , because of esteem for artistic director, or just from curiosity. However it's obvious that it will be verry difficult to showing in this country as worry about the conservative.

In fact the right wing had interrupted screening by useing force.
Two significant affairs took place in recent years.
In case of "The Murmuring" , the first day of showing on April 1996 at Box Higashinakano in Tokyo, a nameless activist of the right wing interrupted by useing a fire extinguisher at a seat in the midst of the showing. The cinema resumed from next day.
In case of "Nanjing 1937" , on 6th June 1998 at Cinema Betty in Yokohama, another nameless activist ripped screen itself by knife in the midst of the showing. The cinema had to suspend business for replace unusable screen.
These affairs made issue big news.

It seems no striking action against "The Sun"at present time. There is no serve criticism in Japanese media. Newspapers report facts only and take a neutral attitude, I feel.

This maybe most detailed article which I can find now. (in Japanese)
in Sports Hochi, by newspaper reporter named Tetsuya Hiratuji 19/Feb

The reporter mentioned to Issei Ogata for effort of acting. It may say this is foundamentaliy favorable article. however at the same time, this points out something wrong about description that is reallistically impossible. He gives actual examples,
*Scene which Chocolate is sended the Imperial Palace by GHQ as a present
*Scene which American army says "Charie" to Hirohito as he is look like Charlie Chaplin
*Scene which Hirohito and McArthur are sharing fire for their cigars
I guess that Reporter mentioned Hirohito kept physically distance to any other people, also he was always surrounded bodyguads and chamberlains. It's common knowledge that empereror never get anything hand to hand. Because of security reason and noble, he never touch, never close to the exterior. ....What a strange! But it's true. That's the empereror.

I haven't seen "The Sun" yet and have nothing to say indeed.
Anyway I want to watch.

(reference) in English
Hirohito Actor Braced for Controversy in Japan : Issei Ogata interviewed by Mike Collett-White
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My little frustration

To tell you the truth, I don't care about "Box Office Ranking" . In fact I sometimes frustrate to see the box office. It's obvious that why, you know, always many Hollywoods and barely Japanese major, of course both of blockbusters.

I prefer alternative films. Usually these are showed in smaller cinemas. In many case, these are showed at only one screen in Tokyo. I don't complain about this so I know it's just because of the market economy. It's real. But at least I can watch. Always when I go to cinema, I'm not unhappy. However, sometimes, I feel little tired after watching films.

I went to cinemas last week. I caught two new Japanese. Both films were not so bad, but unfortunatley not so good, I thought. I might say that these caracters show me only narrow minds and simple attitude. But also there were beautiful scenery.

"TONY TAKITANI" by Jun Ichikawa (also showed at Sundance 2005)
[http://www.tonytakitani.com/] (J/E)
leading actor Issei Ogata (who also played leading roll in "Sun" by A.Sokurov)
I feel it's portraits of loneliness. I'm not sure whether there were the exist of love.

"YUMENO" by Yoshitaka Kamata (1st long-feature)

This film was shooted in Kokkaido, most north of Japan,
in winter. There were all over of snow.
It's unusuall juvenile story without tenderness.
Yoshitaka Kamata made two films as Pink eiga before this.
Co-scriptwriter of YUMENO is Kishu Izuchi who often writes for Takayoshi Zeze.

Kishu Izuchi is also filmmaker, his ratest film is screened at Shibuya Euro Spece now.
"LEFT ALONE" by Kishu Izuchi
documentary on japanese new left activitests and 1968 issue

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Weekly Box Office 2/12-2/18

This week(Last week) Title / Distributor(Weeks):Genre

1(1)THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA/Gaga,Humax(3):Hollywood


3(2)OCEAN'S TWELVE/Warner(4):Hollywood

4(4)HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE/Toho(13):Miyazaki Anime
「ハウルの動く城」Hauru no ugoku shiro[http://www.howl-movie.com/]

5(6)YEAR ONE IN THE NORTH/Toei(5):Drama
「北の零年」Kita no zeronen [http://www.kitano-zeronen.jp/]


7(7)THE NOTEBOOK/Gaga,Humax(2):Drama by Nick Cassavetes

8(5)ONE MISSED CALL 2/Toho(2):J-Horror by Renpei Tsukamoto
「着信あり2」Chakushin ari 2 [http://www.chakuari.jp/]

9(new)THE GRUDGE/Herald,Cloclworx(2):J-Horror in Hollywood

10(8)Tokyo Tower/Toho(5):Melodrama
「東京タワー」Tokyo tawa [http://www.tokyo-tower.jp/]

*All Japan 9 big cities : Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo
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Off-screen activities of Tadanobu Asano

Recentry, Tadanobu Asano attended to Berlin film festival as a lecturer of the Berlinale Talent Campas.

A Director's Actor: An Interview with Tadanobu Asano (in Berlin)

Now, in Japan, he has appeared in commercial clip for drink advertisement on TV.
Tadanobu Asano and Susumu Terajima(*) play as the Golden brothers.
It's very funny short movie.

You can see the clips at this site. (Real Player or Media Player)

In fact, Asano is rarely seened on Japanese TV.
He has never appeared in TV drama or varaety show or some program.
We can see him only advertisement commercial clip, just two or three in a year.

(*) Susumu Terajima [http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0855398/]
is also skilluful Japanese actor, as known by "Blessing Bell" and several Takeshi Kitano's film.
By the way, for long time I think that Susumu Terajima is looks like Tim Roth who known as Mr.Orange/the undercover in Reservoir Dogs and other many good rolles.
Both of them are not tall, not so handsame but cool, often plays gangstar and very talented. How do you think about it?
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